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The Oswestry District of CPRE Shropshire covers the old Oswestry Borough Council area.  Although this is the smallest of the five pre-unitary Districts by geographical area, it contains Oswestry which is the second largest town, by some margin, in the Shropshire Council area.

The District has a very small number of active campaigners and more would always be welcome.  There is a committee which meets intermittently to arrange talks and garden evenings. 

We held our AGM on Saturday 1st September 2018, with a woodland walk and afternoon tea.  A report appears in the Autumn 2018 edition of Shropshire Voice.

Notable campaigns have included:

  • Obtaining compensation via the Local Government Ombudsman for development that the Local Authority had improperly allowed

  • Winning one of CPRE’s national Marsh Awards for our role in the Oswestry Superstores war.  Ironically, the winner of that “war” was the Smithfield site which now lies derelict, with little to show of benefit to the town from the millions that Oswestry Town Council received from the transaction.

  • Failing to prevent the demolition by Aldi of the Telford tollhouse on Salop Road, despite taking the Council to the Local Government Ombudsman.

  • Being at the heart of the Anglo/Welsh team opposing the combined windfarm and pylon plans for mid Wales and north Shropshire.  On-shore wind power en masse has the unfortunate consequence that in order to try to save the planet one has to destroy the landscape!

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