Garden Village around Tong

This is potentially a very big issue.  The Bradford Estate is promoting the possibility of building a series of what they are calling Garden Villages, to the tune of 10,000 houses over a number of years.  Not only is that a huge number of houses, but it’s also in the middle of the Green Belt.  This idea is still at an early stage, and Shropshire Council have made no decisions about it yet, although they imply that any such scheme would be in addition to their existing target of 28,750 houses around the county for 2016-36.  We are supporting the local Tong Action Group in their campaign.

Consultation on “Strategic sites”, of which this is one, is not due to take place until Spring 2019.  By then we will have seen the Green Belt Review due to be published by the end of November 2018.  Green Belt land will have to be released for this scheme to go ahead.  Currently, it is not expected to be at this scale, but something is likely to happen.

Save Mortimer Forest

Forest Holidays, a company 15% owned by the Forestry Commission, planned to build 68 large-scale holiday houses with an on-site shop, take-away food facilities, a restaurant, bar and cycle hire facility, near the peaceful beauty spot of High Vinnalls in Herefordshire, near the historic town of Ludlow and just 400 metres from the boundary with Shropshire.


Recent news is that Forest Holiday have now abandoned these plans.


CPRE Shropshire, along with CPRE Herefordshire and the ‘Save Mortimer Forest’ action group strongly opposed the idea, believing that it was a bad deal for wildlife, local people and for the Forestry Commission itself. Wildlife habitat would have been destroyed and, although the public would still have had access to the area, visitors to Mortimer Forest – who are attracted by the unspoilt beauty, peace and tranquillity of the forest – would not want to walk through a busy holiday park! Effectively, this reduced the area of forest which the public could actually enjoy – and all for a derisory return for the Forestry Commission (although the luxury cabins would have rented out at up to £4,000 per week, the Forestry Commission would have received only £3,000 per cabin, per year.)


So it is great news for this campaign which you can see the result of at

Ironbridge ex-power station site


The now redundant Ironbridge Power Station site has recently been sold to UK regeneration company Harworth Group which is planning a mixed-use development of several hundred new homes alongside commercial development, leisure uses and significant public open space.  It’s a huge 350-acre site and any development is likely to be in addition to the already high targets for housing and employment land. It’s in the Shropshire Council area but right on the border with Telford & Wrekin.


Harworth have now launched their initial sketch plans.  They held a consultation event at the site on 10th October and the consultation ran for four weeks until 9th November.  You can see their plans, such as they are, here:

Poultry Units - Tasley

​​CPRE Shropshire is extremely concerned about the increasing number of large poultry unit applications coming up in the county and is supporting the Tasley Action Group in its fight against a mega poultry unit near Bridgnorth.  The unit, which has received planning permission from Shropshire Council, would house nearly a quarter of a million chickens producing over 2,300 tonnes of manure every year. The judicial review hearing on 7th June 2018 went against the campaign but they are fighting on.​

More information about the group and the cause can be found here and there is a Facebook page.

Update: January 2019: The Tasley Chicken Factory Farm Action Group are fundraising for the Appeal case in the Stop Bridgnorth Chicken Factory Farm campaign. Click on the yellow button below to go to their fundraising page.