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CPRE Hedgerow Heroes project

Hedge creation 2024/25 (Phase 4)

CPRE Shropshire
Booking form for volunteer hedge planting days
Winter 2024/25

Fill in the attached form if you would like to volunteer to help us plant hedgerows this year (winter 2024/25). The sites will be selected over the summer months and announced later this autumn. Thank you!

Thank you for helping us plant hedges this season! We will be in touch soon!

We will never give your details to anyone else. Our privacy policy can be seen here.

Phase 3 (2023/24)

We did it!

This winter as part of the Hedgerow Heroes project, CPRE Shropshire has planted over 8km of new native mixed-species hedgerow on over 30 sites. Our original target was 6km for this year.

1.8km of this planting was delivered for us by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust in the North of the county and you can find their sites here.

We are only able deliver hedge creation with the help of our brilliant volunteers, so a huge thank you to each and everyone one who has come out to help us plant this winter, in rain, sleet, wind and the occasional ray of sunshine. We really could not do this without you! Thank you also to Izzy at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust for delivering for us in the North of the county.

We are very grateful for the financial support and funding received from the Tree Council's Network Rail Community
Tree Planting fund and the Severn Rivers Trust as well as for the funding received via CPRE National Office.

Check up on the final tally of our Hedge-o-Meter below!

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