CPRE Hedgerow Heroes project

Hedgerow planting and restoration: Come and plant with us!

One of the most important aims of the project is to create new hedgerows and enhance/restore older hedgerows that are tired or depleted.

We have visited and assessed around 30 sites this Spring in the South West part of Shropshire. We will plant around 2km of new hedgerow this coming planting season and restore around .5km of old or struggling hedgerow (restoration will include gapping up - ie filling the gaps with new hedgerow trees - and potentially some hedge-laying and coppicing where appropriate).

Hedge management advice will be given to all landowners.


Can you help us plant new hedgerows in the Autumn and Winter of 2021/22? 


This year, the sites are generally in the South West of the county (Bishops Castle/Clun/Craven Arms) but we may have some in the North of the county (working in partnership with Trees for Shropshire) and in the Telford Area (TBC).


If you would like to help us, please get in touch!

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Charlie tree planting (002).jpg

Tree planting in the Shropshire Hills (c) Charlie Bell (National Trust)