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Parish councils can call on CPRE Shropshire and the national CPRE office for advice and support on a full range of planning matters, as well as on issues relating to public rights of way, litter and fly-tipping, intensive poultry units, light pollution, wind turbines, pylons, quiet lanes and hedgerow protection.

CPRE Shropshire has planning volunteers who keep an eye on planning matters and comment on, support or object to planning applications.

For just £36 a year, parish councils can benefit from CPRE’s invaluable range of on-line and print publications  such as Fieldwork, which gives practical help, information and updates on planning and countryside issues.

CPRE nationally also offers on-line guidance to planning questions, glossary of planning terms and links to government documents through our Planning Help website.


To joint CPRE as a Parish Council, download the Parish Council Membership Form here.

Please ensure you put ‘Shropshire’ as your chosen county branch on the form!

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