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CPRE Hedgerow Heroes project

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in bidding for funding for Phase 4 of our Hedgerow project which will take our project to April 2025.

More information will be available soon.

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Hedge Bulletin

CPRE Shropshire Hedgerow Heroes
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Hedgerow Heroes: Phase 4 (2024/25)

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Hedge Creation

Why not volunteer to help us plant new hedgerows in South Shropshire this Autumn/Winter!

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Hedge walks & creative workshops

Take part in a mindful, creative workshop here

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Hedgerow project videos

Check out the videos we made of the project last year here

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Hedge-laying workshops

Learn traditional hedge-laying with an expert tutor. Sign up here!

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Hedge talks 

Listen and watch previous online talks we have hosted on hedgerows

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Hedgerow project leaflet

Download our hedge project leaflet here

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Coppice management workshop

Sign up to learn the basics of coppice management

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Project slideshow

Watch our 2 minute hedgerow project slideshow here!

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Why a hedgerow project and what will it deliver?

CPRE Shropshire is taking part in a national CPRE Hedgerow Heroes project and will be tackling some 'boots on the ground' practical work as well as organising walks and talks on the subject of our wonderful hedgerows! We are now in Phase 2 (2022/23) of our project,Phase 1 having been delivered in 2021/22.


Why are we doing this?


As elsewhere in the UK, and as evidenced by a glance at George Foxall’s Field Name maps (based on the Shropshire tithe maps of 1847), there have been huge losses of our hedgerows over the last century as well as a decline in overall sensitive management. 


Along the county’s roads and lanes, and in conjunction with verges, hedges are essentially a ‘woodland edge’ habitat with all the potential ecological benefits that brings – they are really important wildlife corridors as well as having the capacity to store carbon, help prevent flooding and erosion, providing shelter and windbreaks.


What are the aims of Phase 2?

We aim in Phase 2 to:

  • Create 3km of new hedgerow creation on selected sites (the planting will be done by volunteers) in the autumn/winter of 2022/23 (More here) - NB the 3km was upgraded to 5.5km in September 2022

  • Run at least 7  free hedge-laying workshops for beginners, teaching the basics of the art/craft of hedgelaying including tool maintenance. Please sign up to our waiting list for the workshops if you are interested in taking part.

  • Run walks, talks and workshops on all matters relating to hedgerows including hedgerow management, coppicing and field names

  • Work with 16 Shropshire primary schools delivering hedgerow lessons to children and produce Story Sacks for young children to be lent out by libraries

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